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27th July 2023, Thursday

0800 Registration Open
Start End Hall A Hall B Hall C
0900 0930 Opening Ceremony
Rising Star Awards Presentation
Chairs: Dr Hor Chee Peng & Dr Rathika Rajah
0930 1000 Plenary Lecture 1
Chair: Dr Sapiah Sapuan

 Current Status and Plans to Improve Stroke Care in Malaysia
Dr Law Wan Chung
1000 1030 Morning Break
1030 1100 Plenary Lecture 2
 Chair: Prof Dr Hamidon Basri

 Structuring Stroke Unit and Stroke Team in Your Hospital - How to do it?
 Dr Irene Looi
Plenary Lecture 3
 Chair: Dr Santhi Datuk Puvanarajah

 Stroke in Malaysia: An Epidemiological Analysis
 Assoc Prof Dr Kamarul Imran Musa
Plenary Lecture 4
 Chair: Datuk Dr Raihanah Abd Khalid

 Improving Access to Stroke Rehabilitation in Malaysia
 Dr Yusniza Mohd Yusof
1100 1230 Symposium 1: Advancing Stroke Treatment
Chairs: Assoc Prof Dr Hoo Fan Kee & Dr Anna Misya’il
Symposium 2: Public Health Perspective
Chairs: Prof Dr Noor Azah Abd Aziz & Dr Rathika Rajah
Symposium 3: Optimizing Stroke Rehab: Science and Practice Intersection
Chairs: Dr Teh Pei Chiek & Dr Tee Ting Yoong
1100 1120 Current Status and Future Prospect of Endovascular Neurosurgery in Malaysia
 Dr Azmi Alias
Improving Life After Stroke
 Dr Chen Xin Wee
Dosage, Content and Timing of Rehabilitation After Stroke
Dr Katijjahbe Md Ali
1120 1140 28 Years of Intravenous Thrombolysis for Acute Ischaemic Stroke - Implications on stroke treatment
 Dr Tan Wee Yong
Access to Stroke Thrombolysis in a Developing Country
 Dr Amy Hwong Wen Yea
Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain in Stroke
Dr Izwan Zuhrin Abd Malek
1140 1200 Hyperacute Reperfusion in Late Window
Assoc Prof Deidre Anne De Silva, Singapore
A Guide to Conducting Systematic Review on Stroke
Mr Tengku Muhammad Hanis
Robot-Assisted Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation
Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Hafiz Hanafi
1200 1230 Q&A Session Q&A Session Q&A Session
1230 1330

Chair: Dr Kok Chin Yong

Empowered Hearts, Defiant Strokes: Strengthening Atrial Fibrillation Patients against Stroke
Prof David Seiffge, Switzerland

Chair: Dr Ho Yik Hon, Richard

The Role of EGb761 in MCI and Dementia
Prof Dr Tan Kit Mun

Sponsor Talk (1 hour)

1330 1430 Lunch Break
1430 1600 Symposium 4: Transforming Pre-Hospital Stroke Care
Chairs: Dr Law Wan Chung & Dr Tay Jiann Shyang
Symposium 5: Burden Of Stroke In Our Country -Special Areas
Chairs: Prof Dr Kamarul Imran Musa & Dr Tan Juen Kiem
Symposium 6: Life After Stroke
Chairs: Dr Katijjahbe Md Ali & Dr Azliza Ibrahim
1430 1450 Challenges in Providing Pre-Hospital Stroke Service in Rural Areas
 Dr Low Mook Yuang
The Burden of Stroke in Young Adults in Malaysia
 Prof Dr Tan Kay Sin
SOCSO Stroke Rehab Program
 Dr Parathyhasan Rajaandra
1450 1510 Challenges in Providing Pre-Hospital Stroke Service in Metropolitan Area
Dr Umul Khair Mohamad
Stroke Patient Behaviour Questionnaire
Mr Loh Hong Chuan
Empowering Stroke Support Groups in Malaysia
 Ms Tracy Chan
1510 1530 Is Mobile Stroke Unit Feasible in Klang Valley?
 Dr Iskasymar Ismail
Malaysian National Stroke Registry: Contributions and Challenges
Mdm Norsima Nazifah Sidek
Life After Stroke - Patient's Perspective
Ms Yow Yoke Mooi (Caregiver)
Ms Celeste Choo Wai Ling (Strokee)
1530 1600 Q&A Session Q&A Session Q&A Session
1600 1630 Tea Break
1630 1800 Symposium 7: Young Preceptors in Stroke Care
Chairs: Dr Loh Wei Chao & Dr Schee Jie Ping
Symposium 8: Advancing Strategies for Stroke Prevention
Chairs: Dr Khairul Azmi Ibrahim & Dr Neoh Kar Keong
Symposium 9: Advancing Stroke Care for Older Adults
Chairs: Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Fairuz Ali & Dr Mohamad Imran Idris
1800 1650 Challenging Stroke Case 1
 Dr Presaad Pillai
Impact of Diabetes on Stroke Morbidity and Mortality in Malaysia
 Dr Sabariah Noor Harun
Addressing the Stroke Related Dementia in Malaysia
 Prof Dr Tan Maw Pin
1650 1710 Challenging Stroke Case 2
 Dr Mohamed Azlam Micdhadhu
Hypertension and Diabetes as Major Risk Factors for Recurrent Stroke: Have We failed? Why?
 Dr Hadzliana Zainal
Clinical Research in Older Adults
 Dr Cheah Wee Kooi
1710 1730 Challenging Stroke Case 3
 Dr Sheila Ong Ai Mei
Changing Our Dietary Lifestyle to Combat Hyperlipidaemia in Our Population
Ms Mastari Mohamad
Anticoagulations for Stroke Prevention in Older Adults
Dr Alan'Ch'ng Swee Hock
1730 1800 Q&A Session Q&A Session Q&A Session
1800 End of Day 1
1830 Faculty Dinner (Tentative; By Invitation Only)

28th July 2023, Friday

0800 Registration Open
Start End Hall A Hall B Hall C  
0900 0930 Plenary Lecture 5
Chair: Prof Datin Dr Norlinah Mohamed Ibrahim

 Implimenting Evidence Based Stroke Care in Low/Middle Income Countries
 Prof Dr Sheila Martins, Brazil
Plenary Lecture 6
Chair: Assoc Prof Dr Wan Nur Nafisah

 Policy and Pragmatic Solutions to Improve Primary and Secondary Prevention of Stroke
 Prof Dr Noor Azah Abd Aziz
Plenary Lecture 7
Chair: Prof Dr Khairul Azmi Abd Kadir

 Update on Imaging of Cerebral Vasculatures Including Vessel Wall Imaging
Prof Dr Ahmad Sobri Muda
0930 1000 Morning Break Game of Stroke

0930 - 1030
1000 1130

Symposium 10:

Transforming Stroke Care in Southeast Asia
Chairs:  Dr Wan Asyraf Wan Zaidi & Dr Schee Jie Ping

Symposium 11:

Stroke Care in The Community
Chairs: Dr Mohd Azman & Dr Mohd Noor Ismail

Symposium 12:

Advancements in Stroke Imaging Technique
Chairs: Assoc Prof Dr Tai Mei Ling Sharon & Dr Loh Wei Chao
1000 1020 Stroke Pattern and Issues in Asia
 Prof Dr Hamidon Basri
The Integrated Care Pathway for Post Stroke Patients
Assoc Prof Dr Aznida Firzah
Imaging of Inherited and Metabolic Stroke Syndromes
Dr Kartikasalwah Bt Abdul Latif
1020 1040 Stroke Mechanical Thrombectomy in Vietnam
Dr Cuong Tran Chi, Vietnam
 Community Post Stroke Care and Secondary Prevention in East Malaysia
Dr Sally Suriani Ahip
Radiological Findings Mimicking Stroke
 Assoc Prof Dr Hilwati Hashim
1040 1100 Mobile Stroke Unit: Siriraj Stroke Centre Experience
 Assoc Prof Yongchai Nilanont, Thailand
Managing Stroke Risk Factors at Primary Care: Not Easy as You Think!
 Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Fairuz Ali
Imaging Of Carotid Artery Diseases
Assoc Prof Dr Shahizon Azura
1100 1130 Q&A Session Q&A Session Q&A Session  
1230 1330

Chair: Dr Irene Looi

Navigating Through the Storm: Protection for AF Patient with A History of Stroke

Dr Hamat Hamdi

Importance of anticoagulation therapy in patients with a prior stroke
Dr Irene Looi

Practical considerations in prescribing NOAC
Dr Hamat Hamdi

Chair: Dr Tan Wee Yong

The Head and THALES for a Potent OAP in Ischaemic Stroke Treatment
Dr Law Wan Chung

Real Life Experiences with Brilinta
(Case Experience Sharing)
 Dr Wan Asyraf Wan Zaidi

Chair: Dr Caryn Lim Tsujean

White Matter Lesion: A Strong Predictor of Stroke and Dementia
Assoc Prof Dr Hoo Fan Kee

1230 1430 Lunch Break & Friday Prayers  
1430 1600 Symposium 13: Empowering Stroke Endovascular Therapy in Malaysia
Chairs: Assoc Prof Dr Shahizon Azura & Dr Wong Sing Keat
Symposium 14: Basic Neuroscience Research
Chairs: Dr Tan Wee Yong & Dr Rathika Rajah
Symposium 15: Heart & Brain
Chairs: Dr Alan Ch’Ng Swee Hock & Dr Abdul Hanif Khan
Game of Stroke

1430 - 1530
1430 1450 Improving Access to Stroke Mechanical Thrombectomy in Malaysia
 Dr Zulkifli Zaki Abd Ghani
The Blood-Brain Barrier in Cerebral Hypoperfusion
 Dr Siti Rafidah Yusof
Update on Stroke Prevention in AF
Dr Saravanan Krishinan
1450 1510 Post Stroke EVT Outcome: What Need to Improve?
Dr Izzat Arslan
A Novel Protective Mechanism Targetting TRPM4 in Animal Model of Stroke
 Assoc Prof Dr Zurina Hassan
Surgical Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion for Prevention of Stroke
Prof Dr John Chan Kok Meng
1510 1530 EVT For Posterior Circulation Stroke
Prof Dr Khairul Azmi Abd Kadir
Potential of Ischaemic Stroke Recovery by Preconditioned Neural Stem Cells Transplantation
 Dr Tan Suat Cheng
Ischaemic Stroke and Heart Failure: What Is the Current Practice?
 Prof Dr Chee Kok Han
1530 1600 Q&A Session Q&A Session Q&A Session  
1600 1630 Tea Break Game of Stroke
Allied Health

1600 - 1700
1630 1800 Stroke Face-Off
Chairs: Dr Ong Beng Hooi & Dr Koo Kim Lim
Symposium 16: Innovative Strategies in Post Stroke Care
Chairs: Dr Rose Izura & Dr Mohd Noor Ismail
Symposium 17: Stroke in Children: Challenges and Perspectives
Chairs: Dr Naimah Mohd Salleh & Dr Mohamed Azlam Micdhadhu
1630 1650 Should TNK replace Alteplase In IVT?
Assoc Prof Dr Law Zhe Kang VS Dr Wan Asyraf Wan Zaidi
Improving Mobility and Balance in Chronic Stroke Survivors - Role of Physiotherapists
 Assoc Prof Dr Haidzir Manaf
Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of Paediatric Stroke
 Dr Teh Chee Ming
1650 1710 PFO Closure for Cryptogenic Stroke. Is the Clinical Role Defined?
Dato' Dr Yap Yee Guan VS Dr Mak Choon Soon
Lifestyle Modification for Secondary Stroke Prevention: How to Improve Our Stroke Education?
 Dr Wong Hui Jie
Monogenetic Stroke Syndromes in Children
 Dr Ngu Lock Hock
1710 1730 Should Patients on a DOAC Within the Last 48 Hours Be Excluded from Thrombolysis?
 Dr Wong Yee Choon VS Dr Teh Pei Chiek
Empowering Our Post Stroke Occupational Therapy
 Dr Mohd Zulkifli Abd Rahim
Recovery and Rehabilitation of Stroke in Children
 Dr Chern Phei Ming
1730 1800 Q&A Session Q&A Session Q&A Session  
1800 End of Day 2

29th July 2023, Saturday

0800 Registration Open
Start End Hall A Hall B Hall C
0900 0930 Plenary Lecture 8
Chair: Prof Dato’ Dr Raymond Azman Ali

 Progress of Neurosurgical Management of Ischaemic Stroke and ICH in Malaysia
Prof Dato' Dr Jafri Malin Abdullah & Dr Zaitun Zakaria
Plenary Lecture 9
Chair: Assoc Prof Dr Law Zhe Kang

 Cerebral Oedema and Intracranial Pressure in Ischaemic and Haemorrhagic Stroke
 Prof Dr Nor'Azim Mohd Yunus
Plenary Lecture 10
Chair: Dr Khairul Azmi Ibrahim

COVID-19 and Stroke: Malaysian Experience
 Assoc Prof Dr Hoo Fan Kee
0930 1000 Morning Break
1000 1130 Symposium 18: Advancing Neurosurgical Care in Stroke
Chairs: Dr Mak Choon Soon & Dr Neoh Kar Keong
Symposium 19: Critical Care of The Stroke Patients
Chairs: Dr Presaad Pillai & Dr Azliza Ibrahim
Symposium 20: New Strategies to Improve Stroke Outcomes
Chairs: Dr Wong Yee Choon & Dr Chan Yong Chieh
1000 1020 Working Together to Address Intracranial Atherosclerotic Stenosis
 Dr Wan Asyraf Wan Zaidi
The Critical Care Management of Spontaneous ICH
Dr Laila Ab Mukmin
Improving Stroke Care in Malaysia: Patient Awareness and Education
 Dr Abdul Hanif Khan
1020 1040 Bypass Surgery for Intracranial Steno-Occlusive Disease
 Assoc Prof Dr Azizi Abu Bakar
Role of Anaesthetist in Stroke Endovascular Therapy
Dr Abdul Hakim Abd Aziz
Approach for Cardioembolic Stroke Treatment
Assoc Prof Dr Wan Nur Nafisah
1040 1100 Haemorrhagic Transformation: Role of Neurosurgeons
 Mr Mohammed Azman Mohammad Raffiq
Basic of Critical Care EEG
  Prof Dr Tan Hui Jan
Updates in the Management of Intracerebral Haemorrhage
Assoc Prof Dr Tai Mei Ling Sharon
1100 1130 Q&A Q&A Q&A
1130 1230
Chair: Dr Ho Yik Hon, Richard

Heralding the New Era of AF Management
Dr Abdul Raqib Abd Ghani

Consultant Cardiologist & Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Hospital Sultan Idris Shah Serdang
1230 1330 Lunch Break
1330 1430
Chair:  Dr Wan Asyraf Wan Zaidi

FAST Heroes Unleashed: How Children Can Help Beat Stroke
Dr Irene Looi

MSC 2023 Best Oral Presentation
Chairs: Assoc Prof Dr Law Zhe Kang & Dr Anna Misya’il

Assoc Prof Deidre Anne De Silva
Prof Dr Hamidon Basri
Dr Siti Rafidah Yusof

1430 1530
Chair: Dr Law Wan Chung

Prevent Recurrent Stroke: Empowering Strategies for TIA Mitigation and Long-Term Stroke Management

Dr Tan Wee Yong & Dr Kok Chin Yong
  MSC 2023 Best Poster Presentation
Chairs: Dr Anna Misya’il & Dr Tee Tian Yoong
1530 1600 Tea Break
1600 1700 Closing Ceremony
Chairs : Dr Hor Chee Peng & Dr Caryn Lim Tsujean
1700 End of Conference

DISCLAIMER: Whilst every attempt would be made to ensure all aspects of the conference mentioned in the Programme will take place as scheduled, the Organising Committee assumes no responsibility should it fail to materialize due to any unforeseen circumstances.